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45 Princes Highway,
Kogarah 2217 SYDNEY

Paul Mystakidis
Black Belt BJJ - Black Belt Hapkido

Trained wrestling basics with Leonard Zavlasky. Trained overseas in Korea, South America and Europe. Started BJJ late 2008 under Rodney Ellis (Nova Uniao). Achieved purple belt early 2012. On the 14 February 2015, Paul was awarded a BJJ black belt by Professor Rodney Ellis and in the presence of the president of Nova Uniao Australia, Marcelino Freitas. In 2018 Paul was awarded his First Degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Basic training philosophy – train ever more frequently and consistently. Once you are committed to a class, there is never any reason for why you should not attend (barring illness). Even if you don’t train hard that day, I guarantee you will learn at least one thing.

Put yourself in a position where you can lose. It is only through exposure to risk that you will really learn how to defend yourself. Remember the classic tale of the hare and the tortoise. Be the tortoise!